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We are an international fashion design studio based in Prato, 20 km from Florence, in the heart of fashion-forward Italy. We have a team of designers that work to create a successful image and marketing campaign for fashion companies all over the world, while integrating important characteristics of the Italian fashion system. We work to develop the right image for your product in accordance with the international market. We sell client's products to respected importers, and we work with you to develop your samples.
 Our clients use our studio in different ways, and for different periods of time, depending on their projects.
 It is possible to have a consultation for one day only, to give input and discuss ideas to achieve the best product. As we continuously study the European trends, we can decide which trends best fit your company.
 In light of the increasingly globalize market, I believe that a collaboration between Italian design and production throughout the world is a winning formula.
CREATION OF COLLECTIONS: Style consulting services for fashion trends, colours and collection development.
Analyze the international market for trends and begin product development accordingly.
Provide sample sketches and prototypes of up and coming trends.
Provide internal coordination on relevant trends and design input on line development for teams of technical and assistant designers.
Source raw materials, accessories, colors cards, trends and lines in respect to local market availability and in coordination with the buyers' market requests.
Gear and monitor the development of products with new fabrics and garment fits, and then take feedback from the buyer.
Coordinate market research to launch concept stores with a lifestyle brand including visual merchandising, visual display and packaging, in conjunction with opening national chain of franchised shops.
Attract new customers based on success of final performance of design.
Host seminars for employees from individual companies or for a company group, to interpret and adapt to the trends collected during the European fairs.
Choosing a winning image can be difficult. Figuring out what look or style will appeal to a certain target can be even more difficult.  It can take years to master the image that works best for each individual person or company.
With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry we are fully aware of the current trends and selecting the right image for your fashion company can make all the difference.
Whether you already have your proper line, or need help creating a new collection, Fashion Art will help you update the look of your product by suggesting improvements for the collection and suggesting successful approaches to market and advertise your products.
Our showroom is located in Prato, one of the biggest European textile centres, 20 minutes from the historical centre of Florence. The strength of Italian design attracts buyers from international department stores to our studio. By hosting meetings in our showroom, we have the opportunity to propose your new samples. We manage the orders with necessary adjustments and modifications, and we instruct on the market requirements.
How We Function As A Company:
1. We train the design team, internal to the company, about the latest international standard requirements, in respect to the company budget, quality level, target and quantity to plan the marketing program for the samples collection. Advise on concept stores with a lifestyle, visual merchandising and visual display , brands, labels, packaging and catalogues.
2. Next, we interpret and adapt the trends, collected during the visits to European fairs, according to the company's requirements, by working with manufacturers of fabric (structures, weaving, colours) and of accessories (buttons etc), in respect of the local raw materials available, to make orders on demand and obtain a personalized low cost product to higher the quality/price level.
3. Then, based on the mood boards and first silhouette line designs, we develop the lines and volumes for the sample collection
4. After this, we coordinate cost sheets, in function with the sample collection, without leftover materials. We control the fit of the first pattern to make toils.
6. Last, we advise and oversee the draft project for a sample catalogue.

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