Our Seminars provide priceless information, modeled after the Italian Fashion System of small traditional companies in Tuscany.

Acredited by the Italian Chamber of Commerce to instruct, our Seminars provide up-to date information of the ever-changing fashion system.  Focusing on the European fashion system, we emphasize the Italian structure and methods that has made Italy one of the worlds leading  fashion icons.

With many small organizations, or groups of companies discovering new trends, ideas, or methods is always easier to accomplish.  Therefore, we suggest a consortium consisting of either big companies or many small organizations.

Who are our seminars intended for?


Our fashion seminars are helpful to a creative department staff of individuals who lack experience in the industry in general and need direction on how to start and create a proper collection that meets the international standard while learning how to showcase their collection at the appropriate fairs.

Established fashion or production companies looking to improve and update their company image to the international standard will gain great knowledge.  Always considering the actual market’s requirements, our seminars will help direct companies in the right direction to develop the proper product. For a minimum fee, several companies would make this possible.  With a proper consortium, all small organizations can benefit from working together increasing business for all- creating strong power in the market.  Instead of working against each other, harmony can be accomplished by producing different products that create a full collection for example that compliment each other.


Buying offices or Agents will learn the proper techniques needed for fashion forecasting around the world, learn how to consult those wanting to start their own label and learn how to contact the right partners.  Agents will gain knowledge of how to improve or adjust existing products or collections for the desired target market.


Students will have the opportunity to learn and understand the latest European trends while gaining inspiration to create their own. Along with creating their own trends, students can prepare their collection to present to their local industriesFurthermore, organizing, in the actual school building, a type of show or presentation with entry for professionals to view collections is always encouraged. 

How do we accomplish this?

 Our Process:


 At all of our seminars, we will illustrate with pictures, slide shows, book of trends, color charts, professional fashion magazines and sample collections of successful European companies.  Participants will be able to view successful approaches to creating collections, display windows, packaging and catalogues to give themselves a better understanding of what is necessary to create and sell a unique product and what can be accomplished with a bit of direction. 


Taking advantage of the fairs to gain insight for current and future trends, while always gathering inspiration for your proper collection. Our seminar will teach participants to interpret and adapt to the trends collected during the visits to European fairs. 


Our Seminar will train participants about the latest international standard requirements, in respect to the company budget, quality level, target and quantity to plan the marketing program for the sample collections.  Participants will also learn about the “concept stores”, learning how to incorporate a lifestyle. 

Personalized Study-Vacation:

This “learning-vacation” is designed for fashion/textile school groups of at least fifteen students (including teachers)

The itinerary can be changed or modified as each group would like. This is simply an example of the possibilities for a one week program.

If a group would prefer fewer days or more days than is show, we would be happy to arrange this.

Example of 5 day program:

  • 1° DAY: Morning: LECTURES; Introduction to the Italian's Fashion System.
    Afternoon: visit to the most important museums of Prato where lots of fashion designers have been inspired for their collections.

  • 2° DAY: Morning: LECTURES; Introduction to the trends. Afternoon; Guided visit to a fashion fair in Florence.

  • 3° DAY: Morning: LECTURES; Introduction to the Prato and the textile center. Afternoon; Visit the local industries.

  • 4° DAY: Visit to the outlets of Prada and Gucci, where interesting shopping can be done crossing Chianti landscapes.

  • 5° DAY: Tourist-cultural visit by bus. Morning: Etruscan tomb and museum, lunch with local specialties. In the afternoon, a visit to Vinci, the house where Leonardo was born and to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum.

****Discounts may be applied to larger groups.

Possible changes may be done to this program upon request due to the group requirements.