Fashion Design Studio - Professional Training


FASHION ART ITALY is an international fashion design studio consultant based in Prato, 20 km from Florence, in the heart of fashion-forward Italy. We have a team of designers that work to create a successful image and marketing campaign for fashion companies all over the world, while integrating important characteristics of the Italian fashion system. We work to develop the right image for your product in accordance with the international market. We sell client's products to respected importers, and we work with you to develop your samples.

We are specialized in organizing international trainings and seminars directly based on latest fashion information requests from fashion industry managers and buyers. Fashion Art offers different types of educational programs to meet the varying needs of those seeking entry into the world of fashion design, particularly within the Italian fashion industry, drawing on the spirit of the Renaissance.

 We achieve this by recreating the same type of work relationship that existed between the artisan and the apprentice during the Middle Ages. This teaching approach enables us to offer one-to-one instruction that passes on an "artisans inside knowledge to the apprentice."

It is important to note that this teaching approach differs from the traditional methods found in schools, colleges, or universities, which usually involve lecture style learning environments. Instead, our approach is far more flexible and is adapted to the student's individual qualities and skills, allowing for greater personal development. However, students must be extremely motivated to make progress in this type of environment. Concentrated courses give students the opportunity to acquire real experience in a minimum of time, and smaller class sizes also ensure that everyone is able to receive sufficient personal attention from the teachers throughout the course.  All courses are open to both beginning and advanced students.