Fashion Art Italy's mission is to provide fashion industry employees with all the information and expert guidance needed to increase skill level and to expand their knowledge of Italian fashion's current trends in design and colour, to enable companies  to independently create their own competitive collection samples.
For the same price of a fashion trend brochure, FASHION ART ® Italy will help you to develop the most important lines of your range with the supervision of the Fashionart team and the design director Serena Fumanti.


Who are our training intended for?

  • For company's owner want to design their own clothing collection.

  • For professional people to discover the traditional Tuscan art methods in a tranquil environment

  • For people without a fashion background want to develop their personal creativity

  • For artists who wish to apply themselves in the field of fashion

  • For shop owners who require info on trends for the next season 

  • For emergent Fashion Designers wants realize a portfolio which could be used for future interviews for universities or to present for a job interview.


You can choose to attend this 60 hours training; on intensive 10 days full time or on one month part-time.

WHEN: The period and the duration of the training can be according between Fashionart and the students, hoverer we suggest that the best time is during the period of the fashion fairs in Florence and Milan.

The trainings are scheduled around the exhibitions and fairs that best correspond to the interests and needs of those attending the courses. Students are personally guided through these exhibitions and fairs with the option of returning in their own time;


To study the (Spring/Summer 2011) Collection:

  • January, 11th, to 20th

  • February, 8th, to 17th

 To study the (Fall/Winter 2011/12) Collection: 
  • September, 6th, to 15th

  • October, 11th to  20th

WHERE: FASHION ART ® Italy, Via Guizzelmi 6, Prato (PO) 59100

PRATO: is situated in the centre of the fashion and textile sector. Since Prato is only 10 km from Florence the train transportation is both affordable and convenient.

LANGUAGES: Seminars are offered in Italian, French, and English.

LODGING: Fashion Art Italy has at our disposition a list of hotels, which offer the best competitive group rates.


  • Personalize current fashion trends in respect of your company's individual target market

  • Scheduled visits to various companies with the possibility of obtaining purchases

  • Define a sample collection theme

  • Create own collection corresponding to your markets needs

  • Develop a colour card for your fashion line

  • Create a program for the entire sample collection

  • Further development of your business

  • Individual Consultation Services during the fairs.


  • Introduction of the Italian fashion system, Italian fashion marketing

  • Visit to the fair, Coordination of the fabrics in function with the trends. In the afternoon, free time to visit the principal shopping streets.

  • Interpretation of the trends, colours, lines, details

  • Visit of the fashion fairs,

  • History of European fashion industry

  • Collection program, branding, merchandising, packaging

  • Mood board, color card

  • Visit to the accessories wholesalers.

  • Collection plan design

  • (Optional) Visit by bus to the outlets of Prada, Gucci, Sergio Rossi, Fendi, D & G... 


The certification to be received on successful completion of the course, the award of the Certificate of Attendance is based on participation only. A Certificate of Attendance will show the participant’s name, the title of the course and the study load. During and at the end of the course, participants will get feedback on their performance in exercises, assignments and/or (self) tests, so that they may improve their performance (formative assessment). A participant attending class but not working on the course content will also be considered as not participating, participants can ask for extension of the deadline for submission of the assignment.


University credit must be according with the University the student comes from,

Italian Language Course: 60 hours=7 credits,

Fashion Course 60 hours=8 credits

Internship 160 hours=10 credits

INTERNSHIP: (Optional)

After the courses, it’s possible to attend an internship on the fashion design studio.

The first payment is a deposit of 200 Euro required beforehand one month of the training begin for registration, non refundable. The final
remaining amount (1300) is made on the first day of the training.

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